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Sunday, 6 March 2011


Hey guys!

I know I haven't made a post in LONGER than awhile.
I keep appearing and disappearing lol- I do apologies once again.
But I recently came across something & as soon as I gave it a try I thought to myself that I had to make a post about it!


It really is a miracle worker!
It does what it says on the tube.
I have large pores and suffer with extremely oily skin so make-up is never long lasting. But the 17 Photo Flawless Primer makes a big difference. So I recommend ya'll go give it a try.

Its available at boots for £4.99!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Lanisha Cole

I don't know whether you guy's heard of her or not.
But I first noticed Lanisha Cole in Pharrell's Music Video 'Frontin'


I did my bit of research and discovered that she was one of the model's from The price is right :)

Personally I don't think Lanisha Cole gets enough exposure- She's a extremely beautiful woman. I believe if she was to go worldwide with her talent and more in to high fashion, her career would go sky high as she has the looks for it :) DON'T YOU AGREE?

Just thought i should make a quick post :D

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lego Fashion :)

Heyy Bloggers

I know its been awhile since I last done a new post, but I haven't had or even bothered to make time to do one. Which I do apologize for.
Buy Annywhooos! As You may know I did a post about me taking part and being very excited about AFW (Alternative fashion week) .

Lil did I know, everyday before the fashion show started there would be a model casting. Which basically means all the models that got accepted to model at the show would get the chance to go to the casting. It was the designers who picked who they want to model there clothing. No surprise all the super skinny, tall girls got chosen. LOL

Lucky for me I did get a chance to walk the catwalk twice :D

One designer I did get the chance to walk the catwalk for was Chole Haywood (HATASTIC).
"An eclectic range of unique handmade hats, fascinators & hair accessories inspired by the beautiful bits and bobs sourced from remnant boxes and junk shops" (Sourced from hatastic facebook page) AND HERES THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR HATASTIC www.hatastic.folksy.com

I thought I should base the post on this. Reason being the given Head piece I had to wear for her remind me of what designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac did with lego.

Me with the amazing headpiece :D

Isn't it gorgeous! I loved it and I hope you do too!

Sorry for the short post, I'm working on a new one as you read! :)

Cheerio <3

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A selection from my Mum's handbag Collection!

My love for fashion really came from my Mum! We have very similar taste, and we always chat about the latest trends! And what she use to wear in her days :).

She always tells me how I remind her of her when she was my age!

Soooo let me get to the point of this post! hahaaa Don't wanna bore you

My mum has A Hugeeee hand bang collection, so Ive picked a few of my favourites! ENJOY!

The Crocodile bag!
This is my all time favourite, Its 100% Crocodile or alligator :S I cant remember exactly. But this bag is older than I am! And my Mum never likes me borrowing it, but i still do! :)

Her Christian Dior bag, I remember the exact day my Mum bought this!
I had no idea who or what Christian Dior was, But i fell in love with the bag. I was only 10 and i use to ask my mum nonstop if i can use it and she would day "No April! This isn't a toy" Lol
Now I'm allowed to borrow it as I'm Much older :D

Moschinooo! The black bag is a Dufflebag and the white one is a fanny pack as you can see! :)
My mum got them way before i was born probably late 80's early 90's When Moschino was in!
She uses the dufflebag her hair products lol! And I use the fanny pack during summer (H)

The Radley! My Mum got this as a gift from my stepdad and she hasn't used it once! Still has the tag. I doubt she'll use it at all! But she refuses me to take it- Ive been on her case for awhile now. hopefully she'll give in :)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

AFW 2010

Alternative Fashion Week 2010


I will be talking part in AFW 2010 as a model, and I'm extremely excited AND VERY NERVOUS- Like OMGosh! :D

I put the link above so you can read on what, where and when! So you can know what AFW is actaully about and see what im so excited about.

I'm also gonna be doing their FREE modelling training course which starts this coming Tuesday (9th march).

I haven't done any sort of modelling before, but it has always been a interest of mines which does sound familiar- I guess its common and nothing out of the usual to hear a girl my age say that..:S
But further more if your also taking part in AFW 2010 or have taken part in any of their previous fashion weeks, "HOLLA" AT ME :)

I'm looking forward to this experience, ANY TIPS OR ADVICE FOR ME? Lol


Cheerio for now

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Images are from AFW 2009 BTW!*

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Worker boots



My pair From the greatest shop ever! RIVER ISLAND £64.99! :D

Amber Stevens
- An OKAY example of a frock and "Worker boots" :)

Check out RIHANNAAAAA- Woo!

Obviously mines weren't as exspensive as Rihanna's but as you can see they are the exact same style ;)
The "Woker boots" Are a on going trend People!

Not only for winter but also for Spring (I believe)

Like em but you wanna have abit more of a look to it, Check these out!



Cheerioooo guys!

Miss. English!