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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A selection from my Mum's handbag Collection!

My love for fashion really came from my Mum! We have very similar taste, and we always chat about the latest trends! And what she use to wear in her days :).

She always tells me how I remind her of her when she was my age!

Soooo let me get to the point of this post! hahaaa Don't wanna bore you

My mum has A Hugeeee hand bang collection, so Ive picked a few of my favourites! ENJOY!

The Crocodile bag!
This is my all time favourite, Its 100% Crocodile or alligator :S I cant remember exactly. But this bag is older than I am! And my Mum never likes me borrowing it, but i still do! :)

Her Christian Dior bag, I remember the exact day my Mum bought this!
I had no idea who or what Christian Dior was, But i fell in love with the bag. I was only 10 and i use to ask my mum nonstop if i can use it and she would day "No April! This isn't a toy" Lol
Now I'm allowed to borrow it as I'm Much older :D

Moschinooo! The black bag is a Dufflebag and the white one is a fanny pack as you can see! :)
My mum got them way before i was born probably late 80's early 90's When Moschino was in!
She uses the dufflebag her hair products lol! And I use the fanny pack during summer (H)

The Radley! My Mum got this as a gift from my stepdad and she hasn't used it once! Still has the tag. I doubt she'll use it at all! But she refuses me to take it- Ive been on her case for awhile now. hopefully she'll give in :)


  1. I love the last one !!Hope your mom 'll give in!

  2. wow lovely bags!!!! my mum's closet and look is a treasure chest! i always find cool vintage stuff!!!

    xoxo jenna

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  4. The first bag is my favorite! Such a classic bag.:D

    Will now follow your blog, follow mine too?:D

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    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. wow, your mom has an extensive bag collection. love her crocodile bag (not really a fan of real skins, but this is fine cuz its an old one :)) and the moschino... wow. amazing!

    glad to find your blog, hope you can check out/follow mine if you like? i always follow back!


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  8. wow i love the crocodile bag! :)


  9. so.amazing!
    love the first one especially